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Customised websites, intranets and web and mobile platforms

Websites like loisirs-cr√© are a unique way to communicate with the world. The creation of a website is an effective means of communication. It is a rich and dynamic medium. Whether you want to share your passion, promote your business to potential customers or sell, design your website with a web agency. Then, benefit from a tailor-made website that perfectly reflects your company’s image. Showcase website, e-commerce websites, merchant-shop website, mobile application, mobile development, logo… Various services are offered by web professionals.


The best CMS and technologies on the market

Cake PHP is an intuitive framework. Its interface allows you to create efficient websites wherever you are.

WordPress is the complete CMS solution that can handle everything and has high traffic. Ideal for large companies!

Drupal is a free, open source, flexible and versatile CMS system. It is ideal for technical web design.

SEO and Webmarketing Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a content strategy. Implementing a good SEO strategy will improve the visibility of the site on search engines and the notoriety of the blog, like the case of

Search Engine Optimization (SEA)

To be at the top of the search engines, the use of paid advertising is essential. SEO is based on the SEA strategy.

Community Management

Campaigning on the networks, the CM is the perfect ally for online advertising. To have an effective E-communication, opt for a good social media strategy.

Modern, mobile-friendly graphical interfaces

Design mock-ups

Design mock-ups

User Journey

User Journey

User Stories

Responsive Design

SEO optimised web content writing

At the heart of an optimal marketing strategy, web referencing is an effective site positioning solution to target the needs of Internet users. A digital strategy is the active way to be displayed in the first search results. Is your site poorly positioned or do you have a frequent loss of traffic? As an SEO audit specialist, it’s time to analyse your website.

The hierarchy of texts

The hierarchy of texts

Focus on well-structured and hierarchical content. Semantic and thematic, a turnkey solution!

Tagging and metadata

Tagging and metadata

Tags and metadata: two essential elements! They contribute to the optimisation of web content.

The choice of targeted keywords

The choice of targeted keywords

For effective referencing, the choice of keywords is important to identify the expectations of Internet users.

Links and anchor text

Anchor text, external or internal links, these elements play an important role in sharing the value of the site.

The challenge: to achieve your web marketing objectives!

Generating leads

Generating leads

All web strategies aimed at acquiring more qualified traffic.

Develop your sales

Affiliation with an influencer, the best way to increase your sales.

Increase your notoriety

Increase your notoriety

Implement a communication plan to improve your reputation.

Good user experience design

The importance of a quality UX Design

The importance of a quality UX Design for the user experience

In order to increase user loyalty and retention, you need to focus on the quality of your UX. Good UX design can increase conversion rates, increase sales, optimise the page’s SEO and save time and costs.

The use of a good UX design or UI design plays an important role in website redesign. It offers optimal ergonomic design, graphic design and web interfaces of the website. At the same time, it ensures that the website is easy to navigate to improve the user experience. By using an efficient graphic design and visual identity, it enhances the credibility of the site. This is an important criterion for building user loyalty. Online business ? benefit from a turnkey UX solution.